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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe...

Functional and Fearless

No conversation about Toronto-Dominion Centre should ever end without serious mention of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

This architectural master understood the power and purpose of architecture. He understood that buildings must be functional, comfortably inhabitable and responsive to the future. He also understood the importance and lasting power of appearance, of skylines and streetscapes. He combined big dimensions with new, modern materials and pushed architecture into the future.

“We must be as familiar with the functions of our building as with our materials. We must learn what a building can be, what it should be, and also, what it must not be".

For much of his life, Mies was on a mission. He called for architecture to open its imagination and catch up to a changing world. Toronto-Dominion Centre represents the architect at his absolute best; a style he modestly referred to as ‘skin and bones architecture’. Simple and uncluttered, yet powerful and enduring. It often takes time for greatness to be appreciated. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe lived a long, productive life, long enough to be appreciated and celebrated as a master of the modernist style. He was without doubt, one of the most transformational architects of the modern age. Toronto-Dominion Centre was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s last major work before his death.

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