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Garbage Dump (Waste)TD Centre is passionate about protecting our natural landscapes and building an environmentally responsible workplace community, striving to make every effort to divert as much waste from landfills as possible.

To secure this commitment, TD Centre has implemented various programs focused on waste diversion. Today, TD Centre’s diversion rate is almost 80%, exceeding both the Cadillac Fairview corporate target and the Canadian national average. 


For TD Centre's complete recycling list, please contact

Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream RecyclingSingle stream allows tenants to recycle paper products, glass, plastic and cans all within the same recycle bin.

If more than 50% of a waste bin has recyclable materials and no other contaminants (e.g. toner cartridges, food waste), it will be redirected into recycling. If a recycling bin is full of recyclable items but has been contaminated, it will be sent to landfill.

For a complete list of recyclable items, click here.

Organics Recycling

AppleOrganic recycling bins are conveniently located in kitchens and serveries in all TD Centre offices for all food waste. Always remember to remove food from containers and packaging before you place it in the organics bins.





Battery Recycling

tdc-green-batteriesBatteries are not garbage! TD Centre offers a service to collect all end-use batteries for recycling.

Contact for your battery recycling needs.





TD Centre’s e-waste program helps tenants recycle unwanted electronic equipment and appliances, properly disposing of items such as computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, all of which contain hazardous materials that can leak into groundwater and contribute to toxic air pollution.

Tenant Fit-Outs

TD Centre incorporates procedures to divert construction and demolition debris from landfill and incineration facilities, with a goal to reach a minimum diversion rate of 70%.





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